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Jeff Dutcher, CMT
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About My Santa Barbara Massage Clients:

My massage therapy clients include high-profile celebrities, professional athletes, as well as other local massage therapists. Ages 16 to 86! Most clients come to my studio for a full-body massage ("incall") while some clients have me come to their location ("outcall"). I also perform table massage and chair massages at your performance venue, office, workplace, health fair, wellness fair, and bachelor or bachelorette party.

All jobs have the potential to cause mental stress, while some careers also take a physical toll on your body. Regular Gladiator Massage therapy sessions produce measurable massage benefits. Retirees also appreciate the benefits of regular massage therapy sessions.

Does your job or lifestyle cause physical and mental stress on your body and mind?

 • Creative artists put stress on their bodies as well as their minds. My massage clients include Broadway and film actors, dancers, a Grammy® winning R&B singer, an Emmy® winner, wedding and event planners, interior designers, a movie director, movie producers, an International runway model, and the host of a national home improvement television show.

 • Office professionals work at a computer all day, which can cause residual pain in your hands, arms, shoulders and back. My current massage therapy clients include corporate officers, accountants, architects, bankers, computer programmers, engineers, data entry clerks, and the manager of a large office.

 • Service professionals spend a lot of time on their feet and do strenuous physical work. Some of my massage clients are teachers, hair stylists, bartenders, food servers, police officers, firefighters, landscapers, chefs, mechanics, fisherman, health care workers, and a military radar engineer.

 • Athletes take their bodies to extremes. My massage clientele includes professional sports athletes such as an Olympic cyclist, national volleyball champion, several triathletes, and a professional body builder, as well as amateur elite athletes including mountain climbers, kick-boxers, tennis players, boxers, volleyball players, marathon runners, surfers, marshal artists, bicyclists, motocross racers, and personal fitness trainers.

 • Bodyworkers know the benefits of regular massage therapy from a professional massage therapist and my clients include medical doctors, chiropractors, yoga instructors, and other local professional massage therapists.

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Male Massage vs. Female Massage

Massage for man or massage for woman? Gender might be a factor you consider when choosing your massage therapist. You might prefer a male masseur or a female masseuse. You might think a female will be more gentle or a male will be stronger. Personally, I find my massage therapist's knowledge of human anatomy and use of effective massage techniques more important than my massage therapist's gender.

I am able to perform very light, gentle massages or very deep tissue, rigorous massages on people of virtually any age, height, weight, or gender, as well as gay, straight, etc.

We will discuss your individual concerns before your massage begins to ensure your massage therapy session is exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for massage for men or massage for women, I will be able to meet your needs.

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